How Boc and His Valiant Friends Crossed Continents – A Dinosaur’s Story

Boc is a young apatosaurus who comes from a large family with lots of brothers and sisters. During his time, the continents in the world are shifting a lot and it happens that this seismic disaster takes place in the continent where he and his family are living. During the seismic disaster, the ground in many areas split and leaves huge cracks. Rocks tumbles down from the mountain and kills a lot of dinosaurs that are grazing at the foot of the hill.All the dinosaurs in the land make plans to move to another continent which is far away from where there are. They would have to travel for a few months to arrive at the continent that they plan. Boc and his family also decide to move to a new continent and it is during this period that Boc got missing. Boc travels on feet alone with other dinosaurs after he lost his family in another earthquake.

After days of traveling alone, he feels thirsty and stop by a river to drink water. An Archaeopteryx bird who is exhausted due to the famine collapses into the river during flight. The poor bird nearly drowns but Boc sees him and walks into the river to drag him to the bank. Boc tries to perform CPR to revive the bird who nearly drown and has swallowed a lot of water.The Archeopteryx bird is finally revived when Boc sucks air from its mouth instead of blowing air into its mouth. The dinosaur bird that Boc rescued is called Uri. They continue the journey with other dinosaurs in the next morning. Uri rests on Boc’s back as Boc continues the journey because he still feels sick. After traveling for some time, an oryctodromeus dinosaur digs up to the ground surface from his nests in the underground burrow.He has heard about the disaster that is affecting the continent and he has also decided to move to another continent along with other dinosaurs. He makes a skateboard out of a wood plank and he uses the round feces of other dinosaurs as the wheels. He keeps skating and eventually skates up the long tail and onto the back of Boc the apatosaurus. Boc feels annoyed at first and Uri the dinosaur bird tries to chase the oryctodromeus dinosaur away.The oryctodromeus dinosaur wants to travel in their company and he pleads repetitively with them. In the end, Boc and Uri decide to let the orytodromeus travels with them because he promised that he would be of help to them. The orytodromeus’ name is Jesse and he quarrels a lot with them during the journey. The noisy argument causes them to miss the path that the other dinosaurs are taking and now they are on a different path.

They continue traveling on the road nevertheless and they soon arrive at a seashore. They did not know how to cross the vast ocean. Uri told his two friends that he knows a Livyatan Melvillei whale. The Livyatan Melvillei whale is a giant whale and he probably could fetch them across the sea to their new homeland. Uri flies out into the ocean and he is seen coming back with his Livyatan Melvillei whale after 3 days.From time to time, the whale would stop them by an island where they would gather up all the food they need. They experience lots of adventures during the ocean voyage. They pass the icy ocean before arriving at the new homeland. Boc has finally reunited with his family and he lives near his two other dinosaur friends.